Affiliated Clubs and Societies Committee

Affiliated Clubs and Societies Committee, 49th Session

The Council of The Student Union of The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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Membership List

主席 Chairman:
梁馨駿 LEUNG Hing Chun, Francis逸夫書院民選代表 Elected Member, SC
副主席 Deputy Chairman:
黃博瀚 WONG Pok Hon, Richard新亞書院當然代表 Ex officio Member, NAC
秘書 Secretary:
葉子萱 YIP Tsz Huen, Anson幹事會副會長 Vice President, Executive Committee
委員(由代表會主席按議事規則任命之代表)Members (Appointed by the Council Chair according to the Rules of Procedure):
葉偉霖 IP Wai Lam, Nigel新亞書院民選代表 Elected Member, NAC
梁彩欣 LEUNG Choi Yan, Kathryn新亞書院民選代表 Elected Member, NAC
謝子烽 TSE Tsz Fung, Anson新亞書院民選代表 Elected Member, NAC
甘凱欣 KAM Hoi Yan, Brenda逸夫書院當然代表 Ex officio Member, SC
林安生 LAM On Sang, Anson晨興書院當然代表 Ex officio Member, MC
梁溢希 LEUNG Yat Hei, Gabriel晨興書院當然代表 Ex officio Member, MC
鄭文煒 CHENG Man Wai, Raymond善衡書院當然代表 Ex officio Member, SHHOC
吳旻駿 NG Man Chun, Beman和聲書院當然代表 Ex officio Member, LWSC
委員(由幹事會按決議任命之幹事)Members (from the Executive Committee):
尹龍懿 YING Lung Yi, Vanessa 幹事會外務秘書 External Affairs Secretary, Executive Committee
吳文灝 NG Man Ho, Man幹事會常務幹事 General Officer, Executive Committee
委員(屬下團體聯席會議互選)Members (Elected by the Annual Conference of Affiliate Clubs and Societies):