Welcome to the English home of the CUSU Council!

Welcome to the website of The Council of the Student Union of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The members of the Council change every April. The current 51st session of the Council will run until 31st March 2022.

What are the duties of the Council?

The Council is the highest legislative, scrutinizing and supervisory body of the Student Union. It equals to a Parliament in a government.

The Council is composed of undergraduate students from the nine College Student Unions of CUHK. The Council is representing the interests of more than 16,000 undergraduate students in CUHK. Besides, it supervises the operation of the Student Press, the Campus Radio, the Executive Committee, Student members of the Senate, Student Representatives in the University Affairs Committees, and the Judicial Committee. It is also responsible to review the working plan for the Student Press and Campus Radio, to review the budget, working reports, financial reports and other proposals of the Student Union, and to draft legislation.

The Council also convenes the Joint Meeting of the Student Union, organizes the elections of the Executive Committee of the Student Union, Student Members in the Senate, the Student Press, the Campus Radio, and to conduct Referendums.

How are members of the Council elected?

The Student Unions of the nine constituent Colleges send Representatives to the Council. There are three different membership categories: Ex-officio Representatives, Elected Representatives, and Appointed Representatives.

  • Ex-officio Representatives (2 seats): President of the College Student Union and Chairperson of the College Student Union Representative Council;
  • Elected Representatives (2-4 seats): Elected by the students in Respective Colleges; and
  • Appointed Representative (max. 1 seat): If there are insufficient Elected Representatives the College Student Union may appoint one Representative.

The Council meets every six weeks. During its meeting matters related to the Student Union are discussed as per agenda.

The Council has subordinate committees, including: Chair’s Committee, the Secretariat, Legislation Committee, Finance Committee, Monitoring and Redress Committee, Election Committee, Affiliated Clubs and Societies Committee, Records Committee, Chinese University Democracy Movement Foundation Management Committee, and the Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Law Foundation Management Committee. The subordinate committees hold their meetings between regular Council meetings to discuss daily business.

How do students participate in Council affairs?

  • Students can participate through annual general elections;
  • Students can contact the Representatives of their Colleges Student Union to give advice to them;
  • Students can attend Council meetings open to all Full Members of the Student Union; and
  • Students can run in elections to become a member of the Council.